5th Root of 34

The 5th root of 34 is the number, which multiplied by itself 5 times, is 34. In other words, this number to the power of 5 equals 34.

Besides the real value of \sqrt[5]{34} along with an explanation, on this page you can also find what the elements of the 5th root of 34 are called.

In addition to the terminology, we have a calculator you don’t want to miss:

5-th Root Calculator

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\sqrt[5]{34} = 2.0243974585This 5th Root Calculator and Information is Really Cool! Click To TweetIf you have been looking for the 5th root of thirty-four, then you are right here, too.

The term can be written as \sqrt[5]{34} \hspace{3 mm}or\hspace{3 mm} 34^{1/5}.

As the index 5 is odd, 34 has only one 5th real root: \sqrt[5]{34}, sometimes called principal 5th root of 34.

If you want to know how to find the value of this root, then read our article 5th Root located in the header menu.

There, we also discuss the properties for index n = 5 by means of examples: multiplication, division, exponentiation etc.

Next, we have a look at the inverse function.

Inverse of 5th Root of 34

Extracting the 5th root is the inverse operation of ^5:\underbrace{ {\rm \sqrt[5]{34} \times\thinspace ... \times\thinspace \sqrt[5]{34}} }_{\rm 5 \thickspace times} = \sqrt[5]{34}^{5}= 34In the following paragraph, we are going to name the elements of this √.

What is the 5th Root of 34?

You already have the answer to that question, and you also know about the inverse operation of 34 5th root.

Keep reading to learn what the parts are called.

  • \sqrt[5]{34} is the 5th root of 34 symbol
  • 5 is the index
  • 34 = radicand; the radicand is the number below the radical sign
  • 5th root = 2.0243974585
  • √ is called radical symbol or radical only

5th root of 34 = 2.0243974585

As a sidenote: All values on this page have been rounded to ten decimal places.

Now you really know all about \sqrt[5]{34}, including its values, parts and the inverse.

If you need to extract the 5th root of any other real number use our calculator above.

Simply insert the number of which you want to find the 5th root (e.g. 34); the calculation is done automatically.

If you like our information about \sqrt[5]{34}, then a similar 5th root you may be interested in is, for example: 5th root of 36.

In the following table you can find the n-th root of 34 for n = 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.


The aim of this table is to provide you with an overview of the nth roots of 34.
234Square Root of 34\sqrt[2]{34}±5.8309518948
334Cube Root of 34\sqrt[3]{34}3.2396118013
434Forth Root of 34\sqrt[4]{34}±2.4147364028
534Fifth Root of 34\sqrt[5]{34}2.0243974585
634Sixth Root of 34\sqrt[6]{34}±1.7998921638
734Seventh Root of 34\sqrt[7]{34}1.6549417126
834Eight Root of 34\sqrt[8]{34}±1.5539422135
934Nineth Root of 34\sqrt[9]{34}1.4796681447
1034Tenth Root of 34\sqrt[10]{34}±1.4228132198
A few lines down from here we review the FAQs.

Fifth Root of Thirty-Four

If you have been searching for what's the fifth root of thirty-four or 5-th root of 34, then you are reading the right post as well.

The same is true if you typed 5 root of 34 or 34 5 root in the search engine of your preference, just to name a few similar terms.

Right below you can find the frequently asked questions in the context.

FAQs About the 5th Root of 34

How Many Real Fifth Roots Does 34 Have?

34 has one real fifth root, because the index 5 is odd.

What to the 5th Power Equals 34?

The 5th root of 34 to the power of 5 equals 34.

How Do You Find the Fifth Root of 34?

Start with an initial guess such that 5 times that value equals approximately 34, then keep improving the guess until you have the required precision.

What is 34 to the 5th Root?

34 to the 5th root = 34^1/5 = 2.0243974585.

What Number is the 5th Root of 34?

The 5th root of 34 = 2.0243974585.

How Do You Solve the 5-th Root of 34?

To compute the 5-th root of 34 use a calculator, and/or employ the Newton–Raphson method.

What is the Value of 5 Root 34?

The value of 5 root 34 is 2.0243974585.

Ahead is the wrap-up of our information.


To sum up, the fifth root of 34 is 2.0243974585.

Finding the 5th root of the number 34 is the inverse operation of rising the \sqrt[5]{34} to the power of 5. That is to say, (2.0243974585)5 = 34.

5th Root of 34
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